It So Sticky

Itsosticky is a brand new image sharing service with a small amount of ambition.

If something's worth sharing, perhaps it's worth sticking on a wall or website, there is a good chance that it's sticky. When things are popular and they stick around, they're sticky. Everyone has misgivings when it comes to the name, but the deed is done.

Welcome to Itsosticky (.com) (beta)

Welcome again

Modern browser features have allowed for options like automatic resizing and orientation of large images added straight from phones, and even links to phone messaging systems, without the need for dedicated mobile apps.

Image scaling happens in the web browser, before upload, trimming file sizes and making everything faster and more efficient. You can drag and drop to any page, paste or upload from any device.

There are no GIFs or videos, there are other sites that can do that better. Itsosticky is for image sharing.

We'd like to build a community where the stickiest images speak for themselves, and while many an amusing, striking or artful image is likely to inspire comment or criticism, we think Itsosticky will be a better service if anecdotes accompanying original posts were not strictly required. We are an image sharing service, after all (finally, after a lot of work).

Itsosticky is a small fish in a big pond. We have no political agenda, and if you prefer using other excellent image sharing sites, that's ok.

If you like Itsosticky, please, lay a track for others to follow, support this service by liking our Facebook page or sharing on your favourite networking platform.

Why not follow us on Twitter for the latest Itsosticky updates?

If you'd like to publish to the gallery, please follow the rules and make sure to view our terms of service.

Itsosticky is still in a beta stage, with several new features planned for the near future.

Feature requests or bug reports added to the comments section below are very welcome.

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